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Why Procurement in Retail needs to automate

Due to changing consumer behaviour and Omnichannel retailing requiring dynamic reaction and fast pace, free shipping the emergence of automation and its successful implementation is becoming more of a priority.

To support this fast, nimble and exceptionally well performed procurement if required. Teams who are supported by technology can:

1. Boost operating margins and improve brand equity simultaneously

2. Drive differentiation via private label sourcing, customer experience and additional value added strategies which can all be supported by automation and associated technologies

3. Empower availability ensuring that the right products have maximum availability through the use of integrated automation and supporting technologies

GNFR costs account for 20-30% of a retail organisations cost. this area of spend can often be treated in an inconsequential manner. As consumer behaviour changes and multiple retail channel requirements increase so does the supply chain complexity and with that so does the GNFR costs.

Adding automation to tender management and implementation of transformational technologies such as RPA can provide multiple benefits. It reduces OPEX, can mange the administrative requirements of procurement and improve accuracy in tasks such as invoice reconciliation, Supplier Relationship Management & Contract Management.

Automation delivers real ROI often in a matter of weeks post implementation. Retail has changed, Digital transformation is there to support.


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