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Transparency in Food Retail

Supply chain transparency and enhancing product information relating to ESG, provenance and safety for consumers is a growing requirement and one that retailers and food manufacturers must now achieve through the adoption of technology.

Industry statistics also substantiate the need for change:

  • Average cost of food recall according to the FMI & Grocery Manf Ass is $10mil

  • 67% of consumers want to know the origins of their food

  • 72% of people in the UK believe their is an issue with food fraud

  • 71% of consumers are willing to pay more for brands that provide full transparency

Benefits to successfully adoption such a strategy can be split into Marketing benefits & Risk Management:

Marketing benefits

  • Brand reputation - Consumers can make an informed decision and purchase from brands who provide product & ESG transparency

  • Increase consumer confidence by providing brand transparency and authenticity

  • Confidently meet tracing standards

Risk management

  • Identify & prioritise risk mitigation from regulation & supplier related issues

  • Visualisation & prioritisation of risks via accurate supply chain mapping

  • deliver legal food safety requirements (HACCP) in a more efficient and authenticated way

  • Reduction in product recall time and likelihood by knowing the complete origin of product & risks allows enhanced adaptability and risk monitoring

Through the adoption of The Vision Chains ( CADMIN process key actions and appropriate technology solutions can be applied to enhance product safety and consumer confidence.

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