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How Can Automation improve Procurement & Supply Chain Management?

Procurement & Supply Chain Management requires largest administrative tasks on a continuous basis, without the intervention of appropriate automation technology these tasks require large resources and can often lead to variability of results & inaccuracies.

Minimising the manual

Reliance on spreadsheets & emails are long staples of Supply Chain management but the variability of the results can lead to an unpredictable Supply Chain. Data entry errors, lost communication and general poor visibility can be common.

Applying Automation such as RPA can manage these tasks in an accurate and efficiency manner allowing focus for resources to concentrate on value added activities. Applying Blockchain management to your Supply Chain will provide enhanced visibility.

Evaluation of Supplier Performance

Automation and technology such as Blockchain that specifically focusses on Procurement & Supply Chain management can build a position of strength and create clear and reliable communication.

Supplier Accountability

Combining Blockchain and Automation technology can take historical data that has been held in a secure & immutable manner and create accurate scorecard evaluation which will in turn improve supplier accountability.

Automation improves collaboration

Applying Automation results in a shift in supplier performance and Supply Chain efficiency. Systems such as Blockchain and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) that can integrate with multiple ERP systems deliver the ability to see and react to changes in a real-time and transparent manner, all from a single source of truth.

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