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Automated tender technology – Reducing costs and further improving efficiency


Several years ago the application of eAuctions changed the way organisations conducted their tender processes. In utilising an eAuction platform businesses create a competitive environment with multiple pre-qualified suppliers bidding for a specific service or commodity. The application of such a platform normally reduces costs by an addition 6%-8% and reduces the duration of the tender process by typically 30% - 40%.

Whilst there is no doubt that the application of such a technology can deliver benefits to those organisations adopting it to process is still reliant on a level of manual intervention which obligates stakeholders to approve pre-qualified suppliers, provide service level agreements/specifications and ensure the process takes place to exploit market conditions in line with contract obligations. Whilst these requirements are needed to ensure a fair and accurate tender they are often required again when the process is repeated.

eAuctions are often repeated on the anniversary or when market conditions determine further tender action is required. It is this stage that requires unnecessary further intervention often by busy stakeholders who have core functions to manage. It is this problem that TVC technology provides a solution.

Whilst it is agreed eAuctions provide enhanced efficiency and savings Vs traditional methodology current platforms do not offer a level of automation. TVC solution combines innovative Smart contract technology with eProcurement to provide an enhanced level of automation not currently seen in the market. So how does this work?

Procurement professionals rely on making accurate decisions in a quick manner. Management of contracts and then a lengthy tender process can often impact this key goal being realised. TVC’s application of Smart Contract means that an agreed action is initiated when predetermined conditions are met. Specifically applied to the tender process this could mean when a commodity hits a certain market price or when volume consumption meets an agreed level. TVC’s solution combines this innovation with a eAuction conditions to automate the process meaning reduced intervention by stakeholders and a further reduced buying cycle.

Here at The Vision Chain we work collaboratively with our clients to identify and implement the correct process and benefits. We have decades of experience in the application of technology and process change to some of the most demanding environments in business and government. Our proven Concept, Assessment, Demonstration, Manufacture, Implementation and Delivery (CADMID) methodology breaks down even the most complex problems and issues into achievable low risk steps to transform your business.

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