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Trust & Visibility in Supply Chain & Procurement

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Trust. Security. Immutability.

The Vision Chain Limited is focussed on the utilisation of new and emerging technologies to provide enhanced clarity and useable data in the supply chain of any business.  Based on breaking down the data silos that exist and allowing seamless collaboration amongst the producers, suppliers, retailers and consumers who form the end to end chain.  Our vision is to ensure that technology supports the credibility, trust and visibility required to operate a supply chain effectively and seamlessly.  The Vision Chain offers security, trust and cost savings through the adoption of our proprietary technology and experience.

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Purpose & Vision

The Vision Chain grew out of the experience of the three founders who recognised that the emerging technologies of Smart Contracts, Distributed Ledgers and Blockchain could be brought together to significantly improve logistics and supply chain efficiency.  Each of the founders brings significant experience and knowledge across multiple domains stretching from financial trading systems through military information change programmes to deep operational knowledge of consumer supply chains.


The Vision Chain brings together this proven experience in the production of technology, consultancy services and integration to offer customers the opportunity to save cost, time and effort in optimising their processes.  If you think that the adoption of technology is too difficult or expensive using traditional consultancies and technology providers, then talk to us and benefit from an organisation carving a new approach.


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